LCD Refurbishing

What We Need

We accept screens with broken glass but we require the underlying digitiser and the display itself to be in full working order. The screen must have no defects, dead pixels, dark patches or flickering.

Before sending your screen to us please print and enclose THIS FORM and please read the rest of this page.

To stay up to date with the price we pay for LCD screens please join our LCD buyback mailing list which is updated regularly by clicking HERE 

Once we have received the screens from you we will send you a full report within 2 working days after testing each display which will include the refurbishment or purchase offer from us to you.

From the point of you accepting this offer we will allow up to 3 working days before making payment or despatching the refurbished screens back to you as per the agreed offer. If you decline the offer we will despatch the screens back to you.

We know that it isn't possible to test all screens before sending them to us but please don't send us screens that you already know to be unfixable (broken display, no touch, dead pixels). Please see our tips below for storing and sending your screens.

If you have more than 100 broken screens and are looking for a regular refurbishing supplier with consistent quality please fill out our ONLINE FORM HERE

For any enquiries please email [email protected]

Model Price (inc VAT)
iPhone 11 Pro Max OEM £84.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max OEM - Bad Touch £72.00
iPhone 11 Pro OEM £72.00
iPhone 11 Pro OEM - Bad Touch £60.00
iPhone 11 OEM £24.00
iPhone XR OEM £24.00
iPhone XR OEM - Bad Touch £18.00
iPhone XS Max OEM £84.00
iPhone XS Max OEM - Bad Touch £42.00
iPhone XS OEM £48.00
iPhone XS OEM - Bad Touch £24.00
iPhone X OEM £48.00
iPhone X OEM - Bad Touch £24.00
iPhone 8 Plus £12.00
iPhone 8 £9.60
iPhone 7 Plus £8.40
iPhone 7 £6.00
iPhone 6S Plus £4.80
iPhone 6S £2.40
iPhone 6 Plus £4.80
iPhone 6 £1.80
iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S £1.20
iPad mini 4 / air 2 / Pro £24.00
Galaxy Note 8 / 9 / 10 £60.00
Galaxy S10 Plus £72.00
Galaxy S10 £60.00
Galaxy S9 Plus £60.00
Galaxy S9 £60.00
Galaxy S8 Plus £48.00
Galaxy S8 £60.00
Galaxy S7 Edge £48.00
Galaxy S7 £36.00
Galaxy S6 £36.00


Our offer to you

LCD Purchasing

The price of the LCD screens varies from day to day. For an up to date price list for selling your LCD screens please join our LCD buyback mailing list which is updated regularly by clicking HERE

The prices below are guide prices and may not be live prices. We will either reject or offer much less for copy / fake LCD screens and will detail this on our test report sheet upon receiving your screens.


Do you accept copy screens or screens that have been refurbished previously?

Each LCD batch is tested and a test report sheet is provided to you upon completion. We will either reject or heavily mark down the price of any screens that are copies or have been refurbished previously, at our discretion. You're welcome to reject our offer after receiving our test report sheet.


What does your refurbishment process include?

Our refurbishment service includes a new glass screen, frame and earpiece speaker mesh. 


Who can refurbish their screens with you?

We welcome LCD screens from anyone but request that the minimum order quantity for each unique order is no lower than 10 screens. Return delivery is free for UK customers.


How does this work?

It's really simple - after receiving the screens from you we will test each one thoroughly for defects and forward a report to you via email. This report will include the number of screens received, the number of screens that can be refurbished and the agreement between you and us for the refurbishment of the received screens. Once you have authorised this we will refurbish your dedicated number of screens and return them to you. 


How long does this take?

We allow 2 working days (Monday to Friday) for initial testing of your screens and we then allow 1-3 working days to refurbish and despatch your screens back to you. The whole process can take between 1-5 working days to complete.


How do I get my LCD screens to you?

We offer a free pickup service. Please complete this ONLINE FORM and add into the notes section that you would like free collection. Please note that our free collection comes without any insurance against loss or damage in transit.


How do I pack my LCD screens?

It is very important that you pack your screens correctly- both when storing them, and when sending them to us.

Poorly packaged and stored screens can lead to damage and defects. We can’t refurbish screens that have been damaged during transit and contain defects.

The flex cable that attaches the screen assembly to the rest of the phone can easily get damaged through bending or pressure which can stop the screen working completely. If the glass screen breaks further in storage or transit then it can damage the underlying LCD rendering the screen useless.

We are good but we aren’t responsible for screens damaged before they reach us. We test every screen before refurbishment and at multiple points throughout the process.  It is in your interest to make sure they are stored safely and packaged safely and securely for shipping.

Before packing and sending the screens to us please don’t forget to print and enclose THIS FORM.

When sending your screens to us for refurbishment or recycling, it is essential that you provide enough protection to avoid further damage during delivery.

We recommend that you use bubble-wrap before packing them in the box. Any empty space remaining in the box should be completely filled with packing, preferably more bubble wrap or larger air-filled packaging.

Please remember that these are only recommendations and in our opinion you can’t pack the screens to well!


What guarantee do the refurbished screens come with?

Every screen that is refurbished is tested multiple times during the refurbishment process including right before being packed and shipped to you.

We offer a 5 day return to base warranty on screens which have arrived dead on arrival (DOA). 

All working screens come with a 30 day warranty from the date of despatch by us to you. This warranty does not cover accidental damage which includes but is not limited to broken glass and broken LCD.

Any replacements issued under warranty will be like for like refurbished replacements only and will be issued at our discretion.

Anyone that sends LCD screens to us agrees to our standard Terms & Conditions without limitation.